Asset managers

You already have a relationship with the mall’s owner and with the tenants. With the tenants, it may be a simple relationship or very complex. Propixious can help you to improve those relationships, the overall mall revenue and tenant-specific revenue. How? By implementing smart campaigns and through the implementation of the latest techniques to bring the ecosystem together.

The Propixious Approach
Given the size and volume of your operation, your budget and strategic plans, we’ll discuss with you how our services can optimize the mall performance in genenral in the present and into the future.

We’ll help you know exactly who your existing and potential customers are, where they live and what they do when they enter your mall.  You have a marketing program, but you want to know if it is really achieving the results you need. Using our modular and scalable solution we will manage your mall’s entire eco-system  –  the triangle of owner, manager and consumer.

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