Interview About Shopping Mall Success

15 Jul | propixious
Although this interview was written for the Italian market, the key to success message still applies in any shopping mall around the world.


Ciamarone, Propixious: how to analyze and use data

by Marco Luraschi
Il Settimanale de ilQI, 15 July 2017


PAOLO CIAMARONE, Director Propixious (Formerly Predixit]

What is Propixious and what does it address exactly?

Propixious is a provider of innovative technology solutions for shopping mall owners and managers. We design, build and deliver services that help our customers gain a competitive edge in their relationship handling with shopping mall users. These solutions aim to give you the ability to interact simultaneously on various communication channels such as Social Network, Newsletters, Websites, Mobile App, etc., all coordinated by an intelligent system called Customer Relationship Management.

How does the Propixious business relate to the real estate market?

Shopping malls are entering a new era where it is no longer possible to survive simply by knowing how to serve tenants (or direct customers), but it is now essential to understand the end customers’ requests and requirements. In order to be able to interpret demand and develop offers that encourage longer and more frequent visits, one has to act as a connection between ownership, manager and shopkeeper. We ensure that effective and efficient collaboration between these actors results in a better experience for the end consumer.

We are talking about business centers, today the correct use and analysis of data is central to the success of a shopping mall. How can you help an owner or manager of a mall?

It all starts by collecting pertinent consumer information, not just conducting surveys, but also adding digital information sources that are nowadays extremely relevant, such as tracking on the site, Social Network, Corporate Database, Internet sources. Once aggregated, these data sources enrich the overall value of  customer information. We create an automated and consistent decision-making tool to design, implement, and empower the success of marketing campaigns. At the same time, combining financial data with end-user behavioral behavior allows us to produce not only qualitative reports that have not been possible until recently, but also use some metrics to look at performance within and between business centers.

With which properties are you working in the Italian market and what are the results so far?

We are working with several property owners, asset managers and associations to implement different types of solutions. These solutions range from collecting the simplest form of customer behavioral patterns to the integration of existing CRM information. We also create advanced and predictive reports for comparative analysis of current business performance as well as understanding trends that indicate where to go in the medium to long term.

What do managers ask you today?

When we share our experiences and projects with our customers, they typically ask us these types of questions:

    1. How to integrate existing data with new data types and then manage, understand and use the results of these analyzes?

This refers to the creation of a CRM that aggregates multiple data sources such as on-site and online monitoring, a social network, campaign management and so on. This information creates a 360 degree view of the end user and, based on this view, enables a clearly targeted interaction with the consumer. Once consumer interaction exists, we work to create loyalty by providing services that customers want and need.

    2. How to make the right choice for transforming our business while continuing to take advantage of the existing environment?

We encourage them to see this step forward into the future as a new exciting way of dealing with consumers. The new world that their customers really appreciate is made up of innovative tools and optimized processes that enable ever more modern and cost-effective services.

    3. How to prepare for a world in which new skills and processes are needed in order to adapt when business cases change so fast.

Such innovation and optimization requires a new type of skills not yet fully available on the market, which is why we recommend our customers to search for staff, or engage with specialized companies in the industry, who can handle this transition into the future.

Innovation and optimization requires a new type of skills not yet fully available on the market, which is why we recommend our customers to search for staff, or engage with specialized companies in the industry, who can handle this transition into the future.

Do you manage E-commerce and how does it affect your work?

Today, the ability to identify customer needs implies knowledge of the physical and digital world. Lately we see that typical online retailers have begun to embrace physical distribution and vice versa. Here, traditional business houses are beginning to blend and physical stores are now equipped with online E-commerce capabilities. This is not an easy step to take for everyone because the challenges have to do not only with technical concerns, but even more so with trade agreements. Propixious helps our customers with physical locations to introduce new ordering processes and delivery methods through technology tools such as Web Portals and a Mobile App. ■


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