New Name Propixious Launched

13 Sep | propixious
What's in a name?

New Name Propixious Is Launched

Formally Predixit, the new name brings new and expanded features and services.



September 13, 2017 10:00 CET


AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS, September 13 / ― Propixious, the company formerly known as Predixit with software and services known for “matching the smart customer with innovative shopping malls,” has just announced a rebranding campaign. “Two years after starting in the Italian market, and growing as fast as we have, our company needed a new and unique name to take us forward internationally,” says company director Paolo Ciamarone. Searching for something strong and inspiring, they created the company’s new name Propixious, which Ciamarone says translates as “creating fortune and success.”  He repeated “the name may be new, but we’re still focused on meeting the needs of mall owners, asset managers and major tenants, as they face rapidly changing technological and consumer demands.”

While expanding their business internationally, company director Paolo Ciamarone also announced a major product development, the new Actionable Insight Suite, available now. “We’re especially excited about a secured area on our new website where our customers can log in to their own area alongside the demo environment.” A number of customers have already experienced the new features. “The comments so far are very, very positive,” says Ciamarone. “Thank you to those organizations and businesses who provided feedback and helped us every step of the way through the beta process.“

About Propixious

Propixious delivers the best balance between business improvement, implementing complex technologies and return on investment. When you assess the existing processes and tooling of a business, it often shows a potential for great gains with the introduction of modern technologies. With our special expertise in the management of services and suppliers, we help achieve a highly customized environment that is able to adapt itself often and quickly. For more information visit propixious.eu or email us at info@propixious.eu. # # #

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