Software as a

Our open platform supports a variety of integrations and modules.

We are committed to working with you to find the most appropriate package that fulfills your needs. Our solution will include Predictive Analytics and Business Intelligence capabilities which, when implemented, will enhance both your customer experience and business insight.

Our Software as a Service platform keeps you focused on your core business.

We know what you want: customer relations management and engagement with the customer all the way through. That is why Propixious provides infrastructure and software-based services to its customers over a network in a Managed Services mode. In this way, we handle the complexities and costs of a full stack architecture that is based upon various technologies: device management, Internet of Things, connectivity, cloud platform, database management and integration, software deployment and upgrades, data modelling, business intelligence, predictive analysis and customer apps.

We have what you need: CRM, CMS, Mobile App, newsletter, Campaign Management, discounts, cross discounts in multiple shops, a feeling of community and intimacy.


01 Analysis

Situation analysis
and assessment

Our Propixious professional services team goes the extra mile. We scope and deliver a service that allows our customers to remain focused on their core business objectives, avoiding complex technical implementations.

Our extensive and multi-disciplinary expertise provides a full overview of the project: business impact, technological possibilities, third-party dependencies, delivery times and costing.

02 Solution

Custom solution
design and build

Our platform is fully integrated, modular, scalable and adaptable to your changing business and organizational needs. Organizations implementing Propixious Platform with a phased and modular lifecycle will benefit from faster implementation times compared to a traditional approach of acquiring and assembling many different software products.

03 Launch

and integration

We support connections to many different back-office systems and countless web services which means a fast and easy integration capabilities.The embedded integration modules enable simplified integration with existing processes and data across your entire enterprise systems infrastructure

04 run

Support and
solution optimization

Our customers can expect a multi-tenancy environment where stringent security measures are implemented to safeguard the highest uptime and performance of the solution. Specifically, we own and operate the software application. The advantages to this pproach include: Software integration issues are eliminated from the client site,Costs are low, resulting from optimal application spread over a number of clients and Improved iability, availability, scalability and security of internal IT systems.

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